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                Mirror operated in collaboration with local support
                Help Table of Contents  | 

                Access keys

                Abstract and listings pages use access keys for keyboard navigation.

                Most modern browsers support access keys, though with different modifier keys. The table below shows modifier keys for popular browsers.

                Browser Access key modifier
                Internet Explorer 5 or later Alt+key then press ENTER
                Mozilla or Firefox on Windows Alt+key
                Mozilla or Firefox on Linux Alt+Shift+key
                Firefox on Mac Ctrl+key
                Safari Ctrl+key

                Abstract (abs) and Listing pages

                The following access keys work on both abs and listings pages:

                Key Destination
                a arXiv.org (or mirror) index page
                h help page

                Abs pages only

                The following access keys work on abs pages:

                Key Destination
                f full-text PDF (or HTML in some cases)
                n next abstract
                p previous abstract

                For example, when viewing an abstract page in Firefox on Windows, pressing alt+f will download the full text of the paper.